October 14, 2016 St. Michael-St. Gabriel
will celebrate our annual Footsteps with God Walk-A-Thon!

**To donate on-line please scroll to the bottom of the page.**

This does count toward student individual, class, and school totals
Dress Down Days are also "Count Days" when students should bring in any money they've raised.

  • 9/14/16 - Wear something SPECIAL (because the top 15 students will go on a special field trip)
  • 9/21/16 - Dress to PARTY (because our 3rd place classroom will be having fun during their in-school party)
  • 9/28/16 - Dress like an ANIMAL (because the 2nd place classroom will be acting like animals on their field trip)
  • 10/5/16 - Wear your FAVORITE COLOR (because the top classroom will be choosing their favorite field trip activity)
  • 10/12/16 - Wear your PAJAMAS (because any student bringing in over $150 is invited to the School Lock-In)


  • $5,000 - Door Prizes will be drawn for students who have brought in money.
  • $10,000 - 5 Days Out of Uniform
  • $15,000 - 5 Days Extra Recess
  • $20,000 - 5 Days No Homework
  • $25,000 - Field Day Picnic provided by the PTA
  • $30,000 - Mrs. Ramos must sleep on the School Roof!
  • $35,000 - ALL SCHOOL CARNIVAL!!!


  • Top earning class CHOOSES their field trip (Skyzone, Breakout Indy, Laser Tag or ???)
  • Second most earning class: Field trip determined by teachers
  • Third most earning class: In-School Party
  • ALL Classes with 100% participation earn a free dress down day!!


  • Top 15 Students will go on a Special Field Trip (rock climbing with Father Michael, Bowling, the Movies, or ???)
  • Every student who brings in $40 earns a T-shirt
  • Every student who brings in $75 earns a can of silly string to spray during the pep rally
  • Every student who brings in $150 earns an invite to the School Lock-in

2016 CHANGE WARS:  Congratulations Mrs. Coleman's 6th Grade Class, our 2016 Winners!!!

Classrooms should collect loose change and turn it in on October 10.  Every cent counts as one point (penny = 1 point, dime = ten points).  The classroom with the most points win a class Ice Cream Party!!  The total collected will count towards the classroom and school totals.

About Walk-A-Thon
The annual Walk-A-Thon, sponsored by the PTA, raises money for projects that enhance, enrich, and maintain our school. All donations received remain with the school. Attainable goals are set every year, with a recurring goal to have 100% participation from the entire student body. This helps foster a sense of pride and unification and allows everyone in the community to join together for the common goal of helping our school. The Walk-A-Thon is our school's main fundraiser and provides the funds necessary to pay for programs that touch every student.

Walk-A-Thon Donation Requirements

All students are asked to collect monetary donations from family, friends, neighbors, and businesses. Students should bring in their money on designated "Count Days" leading up to our event in an envelope labeled with their name, grade, and the amount enclosed. Any money mailed or brought into the school on non-count days must also include the student’s name and homeroom teacher, in order to be correctly credited toward that student’s totals. The final total, top class, and top students are announced at the pep rally prior to the start of the walk.

Corporate Sponsorship are always welcome! These sponsorships are due several weeks prior to the walk so the company’s name can be properly recognized.  Sponsorship starts at $300 for the organization's name to be printed, and $500 to include a logo on t-shirts and posters.  We welcome any amount a business can donate.  In addition, if a company is not able to give monetary funds but can donate goods or services to help off set the cost of running the event or as student rewards, they will be acknowledge on posters and during pep rallies.  We encourage our students and families to reach out to businesses and organizations they have relationships with.  A corporate sponsorship does count towards student and class totals!

Walk-A-Thon Activities

The Walk-A-Thon season begins with a pep rally where students learn what the year's goals and prizes will be. The entire month leading up to the event is filled with Walk-A-Thon activities including dress down days, drawings, and classroom competitions. Students in 8th grade are invited to submit layout ideas for the official Walk-A-Thon t-shirt.

On Walk-A-Thon day, all students are expected to walk the neighborhood route, the only exceptions are those who run in the Junior High Run. Traditionally, the event kicks off with the JH Run and a student picnic lunch followed by an all-school pep rally. The Junior High Run is open to students in grades six, seven, and eight. The one-mile run should be completed in ten minutes or less.  Students may qualify to participate during PE class. The top three male and female runners' names are added to a plaque, which hangs in the main hallway of the school.

Walk-A-Thon Prizes
The top three earning classes are awarded a class prize. In the past, the prizes have included an all-day field trip to Eagle Creek, a class trip to SkyZone, or in-school parties! The Top 15 students are also acknowledge and rewarded. The 8th Grader(s) who designs the t-shirt layout, as voted on by the PTA, wins a sweatshirt with the design. Any student who bring in at least $40 earns an official Walk-A-Thon t-shirt. Any student who bring in at least $150 is rewarded with an invitation to the school lock-in, which includes dinner and lots of fun activities. For every $30 a student brings in, their name is entered into a drawing to star in the Walk-A-Thon pep rally games. The class that wins the Change War earns an in-school party sponsored by the PTA.

Walk-A-Thon History
In 1989, the St. Michael School PTA created the school’s first annual fundraiser, “Walkathon”. The PTA, students, faculty, and parishioners joined together to raise much-needed funds for their school. The students collected pledges from family and friends, in exchange for completing a two-mile walk through the surrounding neighborhoods.  Through the years, the PTA’s original fundraiser has evolved into the “Footsteps With God” annual Walk-A-Thon and annual Junior High Run. The communities of St. Michael and St. Gabriel is still dedicated to ensuring that the school remains a constructive and respected influence on our students, families, parishioners, and neighborhood.


If paying by check please be sure that the student's name is written on the memo line so that your donation is credited towards their total.

Please send checks to:

Attn: WAT
3352 West 30th St.
Indianapolis, IN 46222

Volunteer to count money on collection days Here // Volunteer to help during Walk-A-Thon Here // (must be Safe and Sacred Trained)